Mark Andredaswas born and raised in the town of Scenery Hill, Pennsylvania and as he grew older everyone around him noticed his natural skill and passion of woodworking. He was a coal miner with a dream to one day display his talent of creating his own fine woodworking products.  It wasn't long before that dream became a reality when one day he decided to leave the coal mines and go all in as a professional craftsman, creating:

The Andredas Woodworking Company. 

He created numerous handmade crafts from his own designs and fine furniture pieces out of the the family garage, and because of the demand for his product, he quickly converted  into a full professional workshop. While raising a family he chased his dream and attended numerous craft shows selling crafts and fine furniture.  The craft shows were a chance for the Andredas family to get involved by helping out and traveling together. Word of mouth from locally completed work spread quickly and soon the Andredas Woodworking brand was being talked about throughout the Mon Valley and Pittsburgh areas. That is to this day our main form of advertising - We do a good job for you, at a good price, and you tell your friends to come and see us.

Andredas Woodworking was growing; Mark hired a quality team of employees to continue to grow his business and expand his line of custom woodworking. Manufacturing fine furniture led him into developing his own line of cabinetry and a quality "hands on" way of manufacturing and cabinetry design that the box stores can not match: 

"The Cabinet Experience"

 With the primary focus of the company being kitchen cabinetry, the company name was changed to 
Andredas Cabinetry as our focus was primarily on Kitchens & Baths, and many styles of quality custom cabinetry at a competitive price.  Andredas Cabinetry is now located at our facility in Scenery Hill, PA where we utilize 8,160 sq ft to build our cabinetry below 2400 sq ft of showroom space. We have a full showroom with display kitchens, vanities, door and drawer styles, countertops, and endless product options and cabinet accessories.

Sadly, we lost our Dad, Mark Andredas in September of 2017.  We continue to complete every project as a tribute and continuance of his Legacy, from our quality built products, and treating our customers like Part of the family.

See the Social tab above to learn about the Memorial Craig, Kelly, & Barbara have developed keeping Mark's name alive in our community.

 The Mark Andredas Memorial Scholarship Fund 

Craig Andredas grew up with strong interest in the arts and the cabinet shop was an opportunity to show his talents as well. Craig was able to work alongside Mark professionally for over 20 years. Mark was very old school, and Craig a blend of his dad's old school traditions with a touch of modernization. While Mark & Craig were building cabinetry, Kelly Andredas (Moskal) focused on the office side - the customers, producing layouts, & managing our showroom. A great team that evolved from the craft show days to designing, building and installing some of our favorite kitchens together. Our team  currently includes Craig Andredas, Kelly Moskal (Andredas)& our family of experienced cabinet makers that work as a team to complete your cabinet experience. Today we continue to grow our business with a solid reputation of building quality custom cabinetry for over 3 decades and look forward to many more.

-Andredas Cabinetry, LLC
​"The Cabinet Experience" 

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